REI Cargo Gym Bag

So my original dog bag (random hand-me-down red duffel) finally imploded today. I mean, I could fix it, but I didn’t really want to. So I went over to REI and used my dividend (I highly recommend REI membership for dividends if you’re a frequent shopper) to get a new one. I got the REI Cargo Gym Bag. It’s PERFECT. Just a little bit bigger, but a TON of compartments for super organization. And anyone that knows me knows I am an organization freak. I’m really excited about this bag. It seems very well made really durable. A really kick ass duffel, if I do say so myself! I also picked up Danni a nice reflector collar since we’re doing most of our biking at night. All in all, I hardly spent any money out-of-pocket and came away with two killer items.

See the REI Cargo Gym Bag here!

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