Shout Out to The Honest Kitchen!

First off…Happy New Year!! Thanks to all of those who read and enjoy this blog and to those who have helped me go so far in my training!

With that said, I’d like to take a moment to give props to a very special dog food company. It’s not just any dog food company – it’s The Honest Kitchen!!

Some of you may know that Conan has a very sensitive stomach and suffers from IBD. Those of you with dogs with IBD know this is no fun condition and it makes feeding quite difficult. I’ve been feeding a raw diet to my dogs for years, and I did not want to change this with my beloved Corgi. First of all, there’s no better nutrition out there. I believe that a raw diet is the best diet. That’s not to say there aren’t other good foods out there – there are. But nothing beats raw. I’ve seen it in my dogs with my own eyes. I had an old Cocker Spaniel that thrived on raw, even when she passed a month shy of her 16th birthday. Secondly, Conan gets severe diarrhea on any sort of kibble or canned dog food – even the hypoallergenic or the limited ingredient foods.

So in our quest to look up foods that didn’t involve me buying a grinder to grind the bones for Conan to eat, my boyfriend read a review of someone with a dog with IBD. He said his dog could eat The Honest Kitchen’s Force with zero problems. Well, it was worth a shot. And lo and behold, the food is dehydrated raw.

When we first fed it to Conan, we were a little put off by the soupy consistency and just the overall process. But Conan wasn’t! He LOVED it. It’s been 4 years now (he’s 5) and he has not had a single bad experience on The Honest Kitchen. We feed Force, Embark, Love and Zeal.

But not only was this the magic food for Conan, it really helped make raw feeding for the other pups easier too! No more making veggie mashes and mixes – The Honest Kitchen took the place of that!! So now every morning, Danni also gets her cup of The Honest Kitchen mixed in with her muscle meats and raw meaty bones! She loves it as well!

Needless to say, The Honest Kitchen is a wonder company to me. They’ve provided me with an easy way to feed my IBD dog a healthy, natural raw diet. And they’ve made raw feeding easier for me in general. Conan gets The Honest Kitchen predominantly, with muscle meats added in. Danni gets it just in the morning as a veggie mix. It’s worked well for years and I don’t think I’ll ever be going a different route.

So thanks to The Honest Kitchen!! Keep loving our dogs, keep loving their nutrition and keep up the awesome work!!

Here’s Conan this morning eagerly awaiting (and eating!) his breakfast. The Honest Kitchen’s Force mixed with ground beef, diatomaceous earth, salmon oil and vitamin E:

image image copy

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