FPr1 Pass!

So some of you may know that Danni’s tracking is completely unreliable. Somedays you’d think she’d be FH champion, and others it seems like she’s completely forgotten all of her foundation. And her foundation was not rushed! She is not yet ready for IPO1 but our club had a trial this past weekend. I thought it would be really beneficial for us to enter for our FPr1 (the IPO1 tracking title) as a test of ourselves and to see how both of us would fare tracking in a trial situation.

We passed the FPr1 under SV Judge Haruo Masuda with 90 points!! Needless to say, I’m fairly shocked. I did not think when we walked off that track that we were going to get such a high score. I thought it would be a low good at most, not an SG score.

I keep looking in the scorebook to make sure that’s what really happened – and it is! FPr1 at 90pts. I am absolutely thrilled and very much looking forward to competing for IPO1!

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