RN Legs 1 & 2

Okay! It’s long past due, but on May 26 & 27 Conan and I got the first two legs of his Rally Novice. It was both of our first attempt at an AKC obedience competition and our first indoor show as well. The first day he looked super but we walked away with 88/100 because I got one of the signs wrong, which is an automatic -10. So bummed. The second day, however, was more of a training issue. His positions were way off, and I made the mistake of saying “heel” when calling him to front twice instead of “here.” When I finally realized and said the right word, he fronted quite nicely. We ended up with 91 points that day. Spectacularly, we took 1st place both days! However, there were only two entries on Sunday (we were the only that qualified) and just us on Monday. We are planning to get our last leg sometime this month and hopefully come up with a better score (and also keep that first place thing going on). Overall, it was a lot of fun.

Here is our ribbon photo and video from each day:

May 26, 2013:


Conan’s RN Leg 1 88pts. 1st place

May 27, 2013


Conan RN Leg 2 91pts. 1st place

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