Summer Days, Summer Ice Pups

That’s right, it’s definitely summer here in So Cal. In fact, it was 88 degrees the other night at 9pm. Yuck. It makes training a pain, but the dogs are fairly acclimated and do it anyway. That said, they do get lucky with some super special treats!

A while back I posted about how great The Honest Kitchen is, and they were awesome enough to send me some free samples. The Beams didn’t last long at all…but we saved the Ice Pups for this special kind of weather. Our Ice Pups can is the older model…they’ve come out with a really neat new packaging design! Either way, it’s a humid 81 now at lunch time and while I snack on some fresh-from-the-farmer’s-market pear and Swiss panini made on rosemary garlic bread, the dogs get to snack on their tasty, cool treats. It’s even easy for us humans to have fun with them…you can buy cute 99¢ fish-shaped ice trays from Ikea! Enjoy!

IMG_1306 IMG_1308

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