Playing French Ring

So I decided that since IPO is not where Danni belongs, we’d give French Ring a try. I think the constant stimulation in the sport both in training and in trial will be better for her. She really just can’t focus on a specific task for an extended period…and all of the exercises in French Ring are relatively short compared to those in IPO.

Needless to say, we met up with a ringsport friend of ours to introduce her to the suit. She did great! Far better than I expected. We started straight off with a leg sleeve and moved to the pants (she wasn’t quite ready for the pants, as she still doesn’t quite understand to bite the equipment if you only have pants on…haha). I think with a little training TLC she’ll be able to get a Brevet. Maybe a FR1, if she can decide she likes to jump. Since the jumps aren’t pointed as significantly as they are in IPO, I think we still might be able to pass.

It’s too early to tell, but why not just try? It gets her out of the house. Ender had his fun on the leg sleeve as well. Super thanks to everyone involved, and Annie for the stellar photos. It was a great training day that differed from our normal routine and was fun to meet new people and try some new things!

Training Day Mar 30 2013-7 Training Day Mar 30 2013-127

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