Dog Updates. Dogdates? Whatever.

Super day for all my dogs today. Ender is Ender, so he’s doing great.

Conan was really amped in obedience, and even though his position was off, his attitude was perfect so I took it. Normally I’d be mortified with the heeling he did today, but it’s interesting how you take things in pieces and work to get the big picture. Just proof that I teach focused heeling in a million little steps and merge them all together.

Danni was “attacked” by another dog on our walk tonight. Wrong place at the wrong time and I really don’t blame the other owner at all. She opened her door to walk in her house and her little terrier just rushed at us. He didn’t bite, and his owner was right on him. I’ve never been so happy with an owner in this scenario before. But I’d also never been happier with Danni. I hung her up, because she’s aggressive and will kill that dog. As soon as his owner had him I told her “easy,” and tried to react a tiny bit and with one correction and a “leave it” it was like nothing had ever happened. This is a dog that has dislocated my knee trying to fight another dog and has also seriously injured another. She only fights when attacked, but she’s extremely reactive and was nearly impossible to get under control and settled even hours after the incident. She has come an incredibly long way. I’m still surprised at how easy the whole thing was!

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