Raw Food for Dogs

I’m often asked what I feed my dogs, and that doesn’t always generate from the raw vs. kibble idea. Most of the time, it’s from people who know I feed raw wanting to know what, exactly, I feed. Most raw feeders choose a variety of meats and goodies, and I’m no different. I feel whatever I have thawed at the time, and I’ll buy anything! I have the opportunity to but chicken backs for 17¢/lb., so that’s always the base of raw meaty bones because the price is just too good. But the rest changes constantly! Below I’ve got an image to show you a few meals with the different protein sources I feed.


From left to right: 1. Chicken backs, pork loin, beef kidney, egg. 2. Chicken back, ground beef, chicken liver, egg. 3. The Honest Kitchen’s Force, chicken backs, cod fillet. 4. Chicken backs, green tripe.

All of my meals are supplemented with salmon or pollock oil, vitamin E, and diatomaceous earth. So go buy some meat, put it in a bowl, and let your dogs enjoy!

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