I need to run.

This is first and foremost a blog about my dogs, but I need to run. I also need somewhere to talk about my running, so this is going to be the place. I can barely post here regularly, so there’s just no way I could manage to keep up two blogs. Besides, my running partner is Ender, so it’s totally dog related.

Anyway, I’ve got the shoes. I’ve got the trails. I’ve got the hydration packs and all the shenanigans. I just don’t have the confidence. I’ve joined a trail and ultra running page on Facebook for some moral support, and they’re pretty great. I’ve had bad knees my entire life, with my first patellar subluxation when I was 11. It’s pretty much gone downhill since. Years ago I was crashed into by two Boxers at a park and had a full dislocation and fractured my tibial plateau. I was told my running days were over by my doctor.

But I just can’t stop. I need something else. Dog training is pretty much my life, but it comes with stresses. I need another outlet. I need to run a marathon. I MUST do this. I need to accomplish something on my own. Sure, I’ll have the support of others. But I need to do this for me, and I want to do it mostly alone. Like I said, my running partner is Ender.

We’ll see if I can get up tomorrow and run a mile. This heat is killing me. It’s the worst. It gives me migraines. But I just need to work through it now, and early in the morning, when it’s just not as hot outside. Starting slow, but consistently!

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