On the Move

It’s been a long time since I’ve run. I mean a really long time. I also mean a real run. Not a little jog around the neighborhood that I’ve been doing. I mean a hard, heavy breathing, sweat dripping down my face run. A run where even the dog looks up at me in surprise as we pass the regular mile marker and we’re still going. Thirty whole minutes. Sure, there was some brisk walking in between, but I’m trying not to break my already broken knees. It was only a mile and a half, but we did it. In fact, I’m shocked how naturally Ender ran with me. It was our first run. It was in the neighborhood, because I wasn’t sure how he’d do running with me. He actually runs better than he walks, probably because the run speed is more his pace. I have to admit though, even he was tired.  Plus, it was 84ºF out at 7:30PM. Pretty hot still. But it’s nice how much easier it is run in 84ºF at night than during the day. That sun, man. It kills me.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to start running, and tonight I did. Since Ender did so well, I’ll feel a lot more motivated. It was harder with Danni when I had to actually teach her not to crash into me. Ender naturally doesn’t do that so I got to skip that step, and it’s enjoyable from the get-go. I think our next run will be on a trail. Easier on the joints, that’s for sure!

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