About Time…

…for an update.

It’s been busy! After Conan’s BH in November, Ender got his CGC. I showed Sally at the Palm Springs shows where we got totally dumped, but that’s okay because it was her first show and she was not at all pleased to be there. We then showed over Valentine’s Day weekend at the PWCCSC Specialty, where she came in 2nd in her sweepstakes class under the famed Tim Mathieson and one of his beautiful Nebriowa girls. She came in second in her regular class behind her older half sister. We showed again one day at the Industry shows just two weeks ago and she came in RWB! I am super proud of how this girl is doing and she gets better and better every show we go to. So do I, for that matter.

Conan has been training in agility and he absolutely loves it. I think he just needs to learn the teeter a bit more (he doesn’t like it) and we might be ready to go for our novice titles soon. Sally went herding for the first time about a month ago and did very well, so I plan on taking her back more when my schedule can be more consistent and we’re start working towards at least her HT. Ender went herding too, and he did great, but it’s too expensive to do two dogs. Ender is doing super in IPO. He’s ready for his BH, I’m just waiting on a trial.

That’s all folks!

Here’s a quick video of Ender doing a long bite.

Here’s Conan at an agility sho & go:







Here’s Sally taking RWB at her last show:


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