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I don’t normally do things like this, but Conan eats The Honest Kitchen and it is pricey. We’d totally appreciate if you voted for him in The Honest Pet Contest!

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He has had two chemo treatments so far. We decided to go ahead with the aggressive but widely successful Madison-Wisconsin, or CHOP, protocol. It’s a 25 week treatment program with a 92.5% remission rate. Conan has B-cell lymphoma, which is the more treatable type, and the average remission time is 12-18 months. He’s only halfway through the average Corgi life, and so long as we can keep his quality of life excellent, I couldn’t bare to let him go without a fight.

So far his quality of life IS excellent. He still wants to train, go for walks, ride in the car and only lost his appetite for two days post the initial chemotherapy treatment. His last treatment was yesterday, so we’ll see how he holds up this time. Even still, he was active and alert and would take treats no problem.

He seems happy and completely normal so far. There are so many incredible support groups out there and so many stories of dogs never coming out of remission, even 3 or 5 years later. In 5 years Conan will be nearly 13, so I’d call that an incredible feat. Time will tell how things go. For now I’m reading, talking to oncologist, other people with cancer dogs, making notes in my journal and enjoying every moment of every day we have left together.

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