Belgian Malinois

I will always have a Belgian Malinois. They go unsurpassed in work ethic and temperament and make some of the best pets and competition dogs – all in the same dog. The breeding of these dogs has created far better specimens than we’ve ever seen, though that’s not to say there aren’t any legends. I have not only enjoyed the experience of raising and training my own puppy, and bonding through our active adventures together, but through my studies and research of this breeds different bloodlines.

While my focus on breeding will likely be Pembroke Welsh Corgis, I have no doubt that I would like have litters of Malinois as well. We’ll see if that time ever comes, as I really only need one competition dog at a time. Malinois have brought into a far better world of dog people, that are supportive, caring, and competitive. As a member of the American Working Malinois Association, I have grown to enjoy the people almost as much as the dogs.

My Malinois:

Gravitas Andrew CGC

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