Katie's Dogs-240Gravitas Andrew BH CA TT CGC

DOB: 08/13/2013

Ender is the newest addition to the dog clan. I have waited very patiently for a very long time for the right Malinois to compete at high levels in IPO. I am very optimistic that Ender might be that Malinois. At 8 weeks old he’s showing an enormous amount of confidence, great drive, and a wonderful ability to settle. Ender was the only male out of 9 puppies, and I am very much looking forward to watching his sisters grow and progress as well. I know both of Ender’s parents, and I really feel they are great representatives of what I feel a Malinois should be. He is also line-bred on another great dog, Lestat du Chenil Victoire.

In case you were wondering, Ender’s name comes straight from the book series. The Ender Saga is my favorite series of all time; and having started reading them at 10 years old, my opinion hasn’t changed. It only fit that Ender came out of the A litter for Gravitas, so I could name him properly after the character, Andrew “Ender” Wiggin.

I am very much looking forward to an adventurous future with this puppy.

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