Danni vom Mathenhaus, BH FPr1 CGCJune 23 Training-579
DOB: 12/24/09

October 5, 2012 – BH 58/60pts.
December 8, 2012 – CGC
February 22, 2013 – FPr1 90pts.

Update, August 19, 2014
Danni has gone to live an incredible retirement life on a beach resort in Mexico. She is now loved and owned by a wonderful man who was looking for the perfect, active German Shepherd companion. Danni was spayed and placed as she fit the bill so perfectly. She will be spending her days lounging on couches, taking rides on a boat and swimming in the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Danni is my working-line German Shepherd. She was my first competition dog in the sport of IPO. I got her at 11 months old and have been working hard with her ever since. We often train with the wonderful Danubius Schutzhund Club here in Southern California and achieved our BH on October 5, 2012 at their club trial. She received her CGC in December 2012. We also trialed under SV Judge Haruo Masuda to receive our FPr1 (IPO 1 tracking title) with a score of 90 points.

Although we’ve trained very hard to further her titles, Danni has been retired from IPO competition. I do not feel that she is entirely suitable for the sport and would rather spend time doing things we enjoy together than try to tough out something that may only damage our relationship. She is enjoying her time chasing Jolly Balls, playing with Ender and sleeping on her favorite couch ottoman.

Danni is a very special girl. She’s got more energy that I ever thought possible in any living creature. She is always ready to go. She is very stable, eager to please and has a good balance of drives. She’s a strong dog in protection and takes the work very seriously. Even when things change up for her and she gets unsure, she’s continued to work through the pressure. Getting her at an older age has presented its challenges, but I feel it’s only making me a better trainer and helps us to build a stronger relationship. I expect great things from Danni and will continue to work hard with her.

Unfortunately, Danni will not be used for breeding. I considered it for quite some time because I think she could produce some very nice puppies with the right male. Right after her third birthday I noticed some changes in her eyes. I kept an eye on them and when I noticed one was growing a lesion I took her into the vet right away. Danni was diagnosed with Chronic Superficial Keratitis, or Pannus. Pannus is an auto-immune disease with an unknown cause. Without treatment it can lead to blindness – but luckily treatment is readily available and not very expensive. It’s not painful at all to her, so she will continue to live a happy working and home life until she’s retired. Because of the recurrence in certain breeds like German Shepherd Dogs and Labrador Retrievers, some believe there may be a genetic link to Pannus. Although we can’t be sure, and neither her father, mother nor any siblings or half-siblings have acquired the disease, I have chosen not to breed her because of it. I do not want to contribute to the vastly growing number of health problems in this beautiful breed.

Danni came from the wonderful Betty and Russ Mathena of Little River Canine. Even with Danni’s condition, I very highly recommend them for a quality working dog or active companion.

Below are pictures and videos of Danni:

Danni Protection Video

Danni’s BH – 58/60 pts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to the wonderful Annie Wildmoser for the photos.


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